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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to prepare for the test?

A – Normally, it takes around 12-16 weeks, 3hrs daily, 50% weekends and 3 hrs daily to be fully prepared for the tests

Are they open book tests?

A – Yes! You’re allowed to take 12 out of the 17 books that are required for the course. For the other 5, we recommend you study their content in order to be fully prepared.

Is there any exemption from taking the tests?

A – Yes! If you have a 4-year bachelor’s degree in construction-related courses, you may be exempt from taking the Project Management and Contract Administration portions of the test. You must, however, take the Business and Finance portion.

How many questions are there?

A – Business and Finance has 125 questions to be answered in the allotted 6.5 hours. There are 5 pilot questions that will not be informed that won’t count points.

Contract Administration has 65 questions being 5 pilot questions and you will have 4.5 hours to finish.

Project management is exactly like Contract Administration.

How many tests are on the exam?

A – Business and Finance (good for all trades), Contact Administration and Project Management

How do I schedule my test?

A – You must apply to take the test through DBPR and they will give you an access number that you will use to schedule the test with Pearson Vue.

Do I need to take the test in a certain order?

A – Nol You may schedule your tests as you feel confident about their content. Some people with engineering, construction, and design background may feel more comfortable taking the trade portion of the test first, and some other people may feel better to take business and finance first. There is no required sequence.